Alarplasty Dubai

Alarplasty Dubai Review – Your nose is not only the prominent part of your face; it influences your overall facial appearance. It literally defines your facial balance. It therefore needs to be of the correct size and shape so that all your facial features remain in perfect balance. In this regard, your nose must have a straight bridge, rounded tip and ideal nostrils. Although you can easily go for nose surgery (rhinoplasty) to achieve this, you have the option of receiving Alarplasty in Thailand.

Alarplasty Dubai Review

What is Alarplasty?

Alarplasty is a cosmetic surgical technique performed by cosmetic surgeons for the purpose of narrowing wide nostrils. It is the best surgical treatment procedure you can go for in case you are not comfortable with receiving full rhinoplasty treatment.

Who can receive Alarplasty treatment?

Receiving Alarplasty treatment requires that you be above 15 years when your nose is fully developed and in good health. You must also have large or wide nostrils that make you lose your self esteem. You may also go for the treatment in case you are not happy with the overall shape of your nose. Note that Alarplasty can also be performed for the purpose of constructing a nose that may have been damaged in an accident.

What does Alarplasty treatment involve?

Alarplasty in Thailand involves a surgeon making an incision at the point where your nasal wall meets your cheek. This makes it possible for fat deposit/tissue, skin and muscle to be trimmed or reduced. If necessary, a surgeon will reposition your nostril. Alarplasty in Thailand produces very encouraging results; a nose that is of correct size, shape and that balances perfectly with other facial features.

How should you prepare to receive the treatment?

Surgeons performing Alarplasty in Thailand insist on consultation before they can offer the treatment. It is through consultation that they get to know your medical history and your suitability to receive the treatment. It is also during consultation that you are obligated to inform a surgeon of your lifestyle and any medications/vitamins/supplements you may be using as such can no only affect your treatment but also prolong your recovery.

What are the side effects and possible complications that may arise?

Alarplasty in Thailand is generally safe with very minimal side effects. The use of anesthesia will certainly cause you a little headache. You may also experience swelling along incision line in addition to numbness. These however fade away a week or two after receiving the treatment. Although rare, associated complications include excess bleeding, infections and loss of sensation along incision line. Thailand surgeons are however well trained to prevent occurrence of the same.

How long does it take for one to recover?

Generally, four weeks are enough for you to recover. You can actually enhance your recovery by performing light exercises and pampering your nose. Note that how fast you recover will ultimately depend on what you do at home. Straining your nose through bending most of the time will certainly increase your recovery period. You will also need to stick to dietary recommendation your surgeon will advise on.

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