Breast Reduction Dubai

Breast Reduction Surgery Dubai Review – The belief that the rate of female’s undergoing the breast reduction procedure is minimal is a rumor.The reality is that the number of those undergoing such procedures are rapidly growing across in order to combat health related issues such as back pain, neck pain, posture problems, skin irritation, painful and awkward sensations experienced whilst participating in physical activities/sports. Some seek such procedures to alter their physical appearance, as large breast among some people results in disproportionate height and weight which leads to emotional trauma in terms of loss of confidence and self-consciousness. Breast Reduction Dubai is a haven towards a comfortable, confident, and healthy lifestyle.

Breast Reduction Surgery Dubai Review

What is breast reduction? Medically referred to as reduction Mammoplasty, it is a surgical procedure performed in order to reduce the overall size of breasts that are otherwise large and links itself to medical conditions. In some cases it can also be performed medically to correct abnormalities in order to provide one with psychological, aesthetic, and physical satisfaction.

What makes breast reduction that necessary?

Women with large breasts often find it hard to cope due to emotional, physical, and health related problems. Apart from their obvious psychological effect, large breasts lead to numerous kinds of body pain, which can be pretty uncomfortable. With age, such problems get worst and in turn lead to other medical conditions. It is best to eliminate such conditions if you are experiencing trouble.

Breast Reduction Thailand

Who can receive breast reduction surgical treatment?

While women with large breasts are perfect candidates for breast reduction surgical treatment, surgeons performing breast reduction in Thailand go to great lengths to ensure that only those who qualify receive the treatment. This is because lactating women/those who have just ceased lactating and women with abnormal tissue masses may not receive the treatment.

What is breast reduction procedure?

Like in any advanced country, breast reduction in Thailand involves surgical removal of fat, excess skin and glandular tissue in the breasts. The actual surgical procedure involves incisions being made around the breast areola and just under the breast. The fact that the size of the breast eventually reduces makes it necessary for a surgeon to re-position both the areola and breast nipple. Depending on one’s condition, a surgeon may choose to undertake the operation using a single or a combination of surgical techniques.

It is common for surgeons performing breast reduction in Thailand to attach tubes to reduced breasts to drain out any excess fluid soon after the treatment procedure. Depending on the severity of the case, the surgical procedure can last between 2 and 4 hours and two nights stay in the hospital is required.

What preparation does breast reduction require?

Women intent on receiving breast reduction surgical treatment need to prepare well several weeks before. Surgeons performing breast reduction in Thailand do recommend that women used to drinking alcohol cease to drink at least two weeks before undergoing the treatment procedure. The same applies to women who smoke.

What is the cost of breast reduction surgical treatment?

Compared to treatment costs involved in other countries, breast reduction in Thailand is very cost effective and affordable. Generally, most surgeons quote between US$3,000 and $6,000, a figure that is relatively affordable.

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