Liposuction Dubai

Liposuction Dubai Review – A perfectly sculpted body that is able to carry of any fashionable outfit, particularly a little string bikini for a day at the beach is something sought after the world over. Exercise and diet play a major role, but for some cellulite and a genetic predisposition to fatty deposits in areas like the thighs, arms, stomach and buttocks is unavoidable. Liposuction in Thailand is an ideal answer to those who wish to sculpt their bodies to be bikini beautiful.

Liposuction Dubai Review

Liposuction Thailand is a procedure that removes excess fatty tissue and cellulite from problematic areas in the body and the treatment can be administered to correct problem areas where excess fat is stored in the body. It can smooth the lumpy appearance of thighs, can sculpt the stomach and buttocks, the waist and arms and can even be used to minimize a double chin.

Who is a candidate for liposuction in Thailand?

The ideal candidate for liposuction is anyone who has excessive fatty deposits that they would like to have removed from problematic areas in the body. Liposuction not only removes the fat but reshapes the contours of the body.

How is liposuction performed?

A small incision is made and a cannula is inserted. The cannula is a long thin hollow tube that is connected to a powerful suction pump. The cannula is inserted between the skin and the muscle, in the pockets of fatty tissue. The excess fatty tissue is removed using this powerful suction device and creates hollow tunnels in the fat that collapse after the procedure, rendering a slimmer, more contoured appearance.

What does a patient expect from liposuction Thailand?

The patient can expect a slimmer, more toned appearance leading to a boost in self-confidence and an improved self-image.

What are the side effects and risks involved in liposuction Thailand?

Excessive liposuction, where too much fatty tissue is removed at once can result in toxicity and in the patients skin having an uneven and even lumpy appearance. This can be associated with nausea, vomiting, excessive pain, bruising, swelling, slow wound healing, skin irregularities and depressions, blood clots and injury to abdominal organs.

How long does the patient need to stay in hospital?

The patient can be discharged between 1 – 3 hours after the procedure and there is usually no need for them remain in hospital overnight.

Are there any noticeable scars left after liposuction?

Scarring is not usually an issue as very small incisions are made to insert the cannula.

What type of Anesthesia is used?

Local or general anesthesia is administered before the surgery.

Frequently asked questions:

When can patients resume normal activity?

Most patients are able to return to a normal desk-type job after two days, but the time varies from patient to patient and some may experience soreness for a longer time, though generally recovery is swift.

How long do the effects of liposuction last?

The effects of liposuction Thailand should be long lasting provided the patient does not gain a significant amount of weight, which will result in the re-growth of

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