Lower Eyelid Surgery Dubai

Lower Eyelid Surgery Dubai Review – The fact that you are bound to age does not mean that you have to make do with such skin problems as wrinkles and folds around your eyes. You need to age gracefully while exhibiting a youthful appearance. One way you can achieve this is to go for lower eyelid surgery treatment. Although you can easily obtain the treatment from any cosmetic medical facility, one place you can receive the treatment at affordable cost while sampling what the country has to offer in terms of tourism is in Dubai UAE. Lower eyelid surgery offered in Dubai, which prides in having varied chains of hospitals and clinics from where you can receive the treatment during your holiday.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Dubai Review

What is Lower Eyelid Surgery? Upper eyelid surgery is a treatment procedure that is specifically performed just under your eyelids for the purpose of removing excess skin and any fat deposit. It is these that make you feel tired and sleepy most of the time, making you look much older than you really are. Lower eyelid surgery provides for a youthful appearance around your eyes, which in itself enhances your overall facial appearance.

Who can receive lower eyelid surgery?

You are qualified to receive lower eyelid surgery treatment if you are between 35 and 70 years and generally healthy physically and emotionally. There is no doubt that it is between the stated ages that you are most likely to start noticing aging signs such as excess skin around your eyes. However, you may opt to receive the treatment when below 35 years in case you experience premature aging.

What does lower eyelid surgery treatment involve?

Surgeons performing lower eyelid surgery in Thailand prefer to make a hidden incision just below your eyes’ lower eyelashes. Making the incision makes it easy for fat deposit to be removed, excess skin to be cut off and muscles therein tightened if necessary. The resultant scar usually remains hidden. Depending on your unique condition, a surgeon may employ a second technique such as laser treatment to further tighten the skin around the lower section of your eyes.

How should you prepare to receive the treatment?

Consultation before receiving lower eyelid surgery in Thailand is mandatory. It is through consultation that a surgeon gets to know your medical history and your suitability to receive the treatment. It is also during consultation that you are obligated to inform a surgeon of your lifestyle and any medications/vitamins/supplements you may be using as such can no only affect your treatment but also prolong your recovery.

What are the side effects and possible complications that may arise?

Lower eyelid surgery in Thailand is generally safe with very minimal side effects. The use of anesthesia will certainly cause you a little headache. You may also experience swelling along incision line in addition to numbness. These however fade away a week or two after receiving the treatment. Although rare, associated complications include excess bleeding, infections and loss of sensation along incision line. Thailand surgeons are however well trained to prevent occurrence of the same.

How long does it take for one to recover?

Generally, two weeks are enough for you to recover. You can actually enhance your recovery by performing light exercises and pampering your lower eye lashes. Note that how fast you recover will ultimately depend on what you do at home. Having adequate rest, sticking to a proper diet, maintaining proper hygiene and drinking a lot of fluids will certainly enhance your recovery.

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