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Male Breast Reduction Dubai

Male Breast Reduction Dubai Review – There are a large number of men suffering from enlarged,overdeveloped, and deformed breasts due to various enviromental factors, herediity issues, diseases, hornomal changes, drug side-effects, obesity, and other health-related conditions. Sadly, the numbers are continuously increasing across the globe.Such health conditions amongst men can impair their self-confidence, which leads to other emotional problems due to loss of intimacy, lack of interest in physical activities, continuous breast pain, and embarassment. Medical research shows that such developments in male’s is due to excess fat, exces is grandular tissues, or a combination of both that targets either one or both sides of the breast,However, the solution to such problems are available. Breast Reduction Surgery, also medically reffered to as Gynecomastia, is a safe way to get rid of breast abnormalities in order to continue living a healthy balaced life. Here in Thailand, you can undergo the surgery at an affordable rate with world class medical services and leave with a new life filled with confidence and joy.

Male Breast Reduction Dubai Review

Who can receive breast reduction treatment?

Age is not a barrier when it comes to undergoing breast reduction surgery. Although, one needs to be healthy and emotionaly stable in order to considered as a candidate. Our hospitals have world class medical facilities and specialized medical experts with whom you can consult regarding any concern you may have.

What is the treatment procedure?

Breast reduction procedure for males can be performed in two manners; liposuction, surgery or a combination of both. The manner of treatment is carefully chosen by the medica expert depending on the condition and it’s causes. Normally, the Liposuction technique is only used when the cause is due to excess fat deposit in the breasts. However, if there is an overdevelopment of the glandular tissue a surgical procedure has to be performed. There are instances where a surgeon may apply both techniques depending on the intensity of the condtion.

Is preparation necessary?

Male breast reduction Thailand requires adequate preparation. This is very necessary for the safety of patients. A Thai surgeon will normally advice one during consultation on how to prepare well for the treatment. Preparation includes resorting to a particular diet. Those taking certain medications and supplements are usually advised to stop taking those for several weeks before they receive treatment. The same goes to those who smoke and drink alcohol.

What are the risks associated with breast reduction treatment?

Like with any invasive treatment, breast reduction has its own risks and complications. The risk of infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia, loss of sensitivity in the nipples and excess bleeding remain real. The good news however is that Thailand surgeons not only have the necessary skills to prevent the same but also have the necessary experience to deal with the same in case they occur.

Apart from risks and possible complications, there are side effects that one should expect. Swelling on the treated area is common and a surgeon normally advises one to wear a tight Lycra garment for several weeks. The swelling however fades away after a week so long as proper hygiene is maintained.

What is breast reduction treatment recovery period?

Male breast reduction Thailand recovery period is between two and three weeks. One can however move around a day or two after receiving the treatment. Full recovery is obtained after a month after which one can partake in vigorous activities such as exercises.

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