Vaser Liposuction Dubai

Vaser Liposuction Dubai Review – Are you tired of working out and trying out various diets that fail to work in terms of reducing stubborn body fats? Do you feel your self confidence is compromised based on your body figure? Do you want to undergo a liposuction procedure but fear it’s side effects and recovery phase? Do you want to shed a few pounds and achieve a toned and sculpted figure? If yes, then you are on the right page. With the third generation ultra-sound assisted lipouction machine called VASER your dreams can turn into reality. Read on to find out if your are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Vaser Liposuction Dubai Review

Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. It is a liposuction technique that relies on the usage of ultrasonic energy at the frequecy of 36KHZ to deliver significant body contouring results. Vaser is performed under a technique called “Liposelection”. Liposelection allows medical practicioners to remove unwanted body fats efficiently and precisely on target areas with predictable outcomes. Vaser Technology liquifies the fat and allows muscles in the area of treatment to form a sculpted appearance. Not only do you get rid of unwanted fats but you also achieve a well contoured body. Vaser Liposelection is suitable for minor alterations, touch-ups, and even large area of coverage.

How Is Vaser Liposelection Performed?

After Assessment and consultation provided by the medical practicioner, if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, an appointment will be scheduled. When you arrive for your scheduled Vaser appointment, your troubled areas will be marked in order to keep on track with the procedure. You will be adminstered with a local anaesthesia prior to the surgery. After the completion of such necessities, minute incisions will be made on the area of treatment in order to kick start the procedure. After tiny incisions are made, the patient’s target areas will be injected and filled with a special saline solution composed of lidocaine and epinephrine called “Tumescent Fluid”. The purpose of this special saline solution is to deliver a sensation of numbness in the area of treatment and to shrink blood vessels lying within that area. Shrinkange of blood vessels aids with the reduction of possible side minor side effects such as bruising and swelling. The seconds step of the surgery involves the insertion of small patented Vaser probes into the areas of incisions. These small probes emit ultrasonic energy waves that selectively breaks down and loosen up fat cells and fat deposits in the targeted area. The third step, known as the aspiration phase is when the tissues are emulsified and loose fats combined with the tumescent fluids are removed gently with the help of suction cannulas. Remaining fat tissues that weren’t removed out of the patient’s body will either be absorbed by the patients body or smoothly reshaped to create contour porportions with the patient’s body.

Why Vaser Over Traditional Liposuction?

The traditional form of Liposuction has been available in the healthcare industry for decades now and although it is still a highly practiced plastic surgery procedure with great outcomes, it is not suitable for everyone due to various factors such as the extensive recovery period and possible side effects associated with it. However, with the new Vaser Liposuction Technology there is no such thing as extensive recovery periods or serious side effects.

Vaser Liposelection relies on ultrasonic energy to loosen up and break down fat cells and deposits. Due to Vaser’s intelligence when it comes to tissue selectivity using this method allows surrounding tissues, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves to be left completely unharmed. The Traditional Liposuction method relies on the old-fashion suction method which may cause minor to serious damages to the nerves, tissues, muscles, and blood vessels since it does not have the ability to differenciate such elements from fats.

With the Vaser Technology, your end result is a smooth contoured body with the best possible results. However, with the traditional liposuction method such guarantees cannot be made in some cases as there are chances of uneven contour results and unsmooth skin textures. Vaser liposelectivity delivers the highest quality of precise body sculpting and contour results performed under a gentle wrist motion manner by the surgeon. The same cannot be said about the tradtional liposuction method as it is operated with a large mechanical arm movement that make’s it very difficult to sculpt the patient’s body.

The best thing about Vaser is that patients only experience a minimal level of pain, bruising, swelling, and downtime that is as little as 7 days before resuming with normal lifestyle activities.

I Wish To Become A Potential Candidate

If you are unhappy with your appearance and wish to be considered as a potential candidate please feel free to contact us to set an appointment for you to recieve a consultation from a specialized medical practicioner. Please keep in mind to be completely honest during your assessment regarding any ongoing health conditions, surgeries, and potential health risk your body may be exposed to. It is your duty to indicate all your troubled areas or areas where you wish to seek improvement in order for the medical practicioner to understand your expectations and provide you with the best advice. The characteristics of your body will be taken into consideration such as your height, weight, dietary choices, exsisting medical conditions, and excercise routines. Future plans that would cause fluctuations in your weight also needs to discussed in order for the medical practioner to recommend the best possible treatment. Any weight loss that took place prior to the treatment also needs to be brought up in order for the medical practicioner to understand it’s effects on the targeted area of treatment in order the deliver the best contour results. After taking all these factors into consideration, the medical practicioner will assess the elesticity of your skin and determine the amount of fats that need to be extracted in order to create astonishing results.

How Should I Prepare Myself ?

If you are considering to undergo the Vaser Liposelection surgery there are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you are a smoker, it would be ideal for you to quit smoking for atleast two weeks prior to the surgery and after the surgery in order to avoid any possible complications. You are advised to stop all anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirins, pain killers, dietary supplements, herbal medications, and etc., that you may consume on a daily basis at least two weeks prior to surgery. The reason for this is because research has indicated that consumption of such medication increased the amount of bleeding experienced by patients.Prior to surgery, patients are adviced to avoid consumption of foods or drinks for a period of at least six to eight hours. It is very important for patients to shower using an antibacterial soap to lather the area that will undergo treatment for at least ten minutes the night before and the morning before surgery to ensure the surface of the skin is clean.

What To Expect After Surgery ?

After undergoing Vaser Liposelection surgery, you will be able to notice immediate results which gets better over time once the brusing and swelling subsides. You will be able to experience realistic curves and definition in areas where you may have tried numerous rigorous excercise and failed to gain results. Depending on a case by case basis, surgery patients are prescribed a regimen process to follow during and after recovery in order to promote maximum skin retractions and smooth results. Depending on the area of treatment, elastic compression garments may be prescribed for a duration of one to six weeks in order to prevent skin damage and to assist in binding up loose skin to prevent sagging. It is very important for patients to practice cleanliness, areas of incisions need to be kept clean to prevent the risk of any infections. It is crucial to finish the dosage of antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor and if you come across any signs/symptoms of infection please seek help immediately. Your daily lifestyle activities and excercise routines can be resumed approximately one week after surgery. However, when resuming please start off as a beginner as your body is still adjusting to the changes.

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